Making a will is one of the most important things you will ever need to do in your lifetime, though alarmingly many people never actually get around to doing it.

Having a will in place ensures that your wishes are carried out after your death and your loved ones are provided for. If you die without leaving a will (intestate) your estate (money and property) will be shared out between your family members under the rules of intestacy. This means that siblings you don’t get along with could inherit your estate or that your long term partner or step-children may be left with nothing.

PD Lawyers will guide you through the process of making a will in a face to face meeting. During this meeting we will discuss your assets, personal circumstances, family set up and your wishes. We will then draft your will and send it to you for approval and we can discuss matters further or make any alterations. Once you’re happy with the contents a further meeting will be arranged in which you’ll sign your will in front on 2 witnesses, which we will provide. Your will can then be stored in our will store free of charge.

If you wish to make changes to your will in future this can either be done by Codicil – an add on to your will if there is only a minor change, or by writing a new will if this is more appropriate. Any new will automatically cancels your old one.


Single Will – £200+VAT

Mirrow Will (husband and wife leaving their estates to one another) – £300+VAT Codicil – £100+VAT